Founded in 2013, by Ernie Smith and Peter Knapton, Gain Global and Integration (Pty) Ltd developed the re:PLY software program after establishing that there is a massive gap in the market for accountability software in corporate organisations.

re:PLY is a tool that connects multiple programs on a single communication platform. This platform assists with the execution and outcome of specific tasks. Through these tasks re:PLY then measures communication skills and the ability to execute tasks successfully and within given time frames.

re:PLY includes:

  • A management platform
  • A desktop support program
  • A mobile corporate application
  • A Safe City application

The re:PLY team consists of:

  • Ernie Smith who has exceptional sales and management experience at board level with a Diploma in Business Management and a WordPress Developer Certification
  • Peter Knapton who is a programmer and system developer with a BSc Computer Science degree as a SAP Developer, VZAP Programming qualification and Microsoft WPF and Silver Light certifications
  • Marlene McKay who is a Graphic Designer, Marketing and Software Consultant, Project Manager and Web Developer


 re:PLY in action