Software programs are designed with the idea that the user must add data to the database to ensure a specific outcome. It then follows that if the data is incorrectly inserted, the outcome of a report will be corrupt or incorrect. Today’s software programs are controlled by man and his intentions. How do we establish the cause of an incorrect outcome? Where did we go wrong? 

All processes are connected with an invisible chain known as the Process of Man. Often lack of knowledge or pure lack of will causes this chain to weaken and this in turns causes delays and other problems.

We use social media platforms on a daily basis to communicate and transfer text and other data thus creating a chain between ourselves and our friends and family. This network of memories is preserved and shared for many years.

Why not do this in the business environment? Why not create a network of tasks and processes as they happen? 

re:PLY is able to expose weak links through time management and assist those with limited knowledge to reach the desired outcome.

re:PLY was designed to connect people on a business chat platform that measures time and stores actual data. This data is incorporated in a management system and reports on specific measurable processes as selected by management. 

When a specific outcome is not obtained, management can review all tasks and communication down to the user level.

Accountability will ensure that South Africa morphs into the leading nation it is intended to be. Why not start with accountability in the workplace by ensuring that everyone takes responsibility?

Our mission is to ensure accountability by managing the invisible chain that creates traceable routes to ensure a successful outcome every single time.

Our product is user-friendly and aimed at a nation with limited technical skills. The social media look-and-feel ensures that re:PLY is fun and easy to use.


 re:PLY in action  

Man 1